CLAYTIVITY is all about bringing the creative experience of hand building with clay to schools and the community in squamish.

hand building with clay
hand building with clay

We don’t have a storefront but we can join classes in schools, pre-schools, after school clubs, community groups, events, and private parties.

Classes are held in classroom or usual meeting place

The date, time, place and project are arranged with the teacher, event or party organiser, or community group leader and classes are typically held in the classroom, usual meeting place or event location.


The project could be something related to current learning studies or interests and is chosen before the CLAYTIVITY event. 

bear project

When we join a class, we give a short presentation in which we introduce ourselves, talk about clay and some of its properties, and about the project we’re going to make. 


We  also give a throwing demonstration on a potter’s wheel.

Making a project
Making a project

Then we guide everyone through the process of making the complete project in two or three steps. We demonstrate each step, after which everyone gets just the right amount of clay and time to make that part of their project.

painted project
painted project

Afterwards, we take the projects away, allow them to dry out, fire in a kiln and return to the group or class. Then they can be painted with their teacher, group organiser or leader.


CLAYTIVITY is a great activity for children and adults of all ages and abilities. Younger children (age 3 – 7) may need a little adult help  and children under 3 will need to be accompanied by an adult, so you may wish to involve grandparents, other adult relatives and friends.

  • We provide the clay and everything needed for one to two hours of CLAYTIVITY.
  • We guide everyone through the the process of making a complete project out of clay in two or three steps.
  • Each step is carefully demonstrated, after which everyone gets just the right amount of clay and time to work on that part of their project.
  • We’ll also bring a pottery wheel and give a throwing demonstration.
  • Afterwards, we take the projects away, fire them in our Kiln and return to you within 3 weeks.
  • Then you could invite the group round again to paint them with you or collect to take home and paint!



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