CLAYTIVITY in schools

February/March special offer for schools in Squamish

$150/class of 30 students or less + $5 for each additional student

This year we offer a wide choice of projects to including projects from last year and more.

CLAYTIVITY gives students a unique 3-dimensional art experience in sculpting and shaping techniques. In one 60-90 minute class, students make a complete project with step by step instruction and demonstration. They also learn about the properties and uses of clay. Classes include a throwing demonstration on a potter’s wheel.

After the class, the projects are taken, dried in the CLAYTIVITY studio, fired in our kiln and returned to the school within 3 weeks.

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Squamish Arts Council Wind Festival Workshops

CLAYTIVITY is almost ready to return mugs, vases and cups to their creators, almost 3 weeks after 3 Squamish Arts Council Wind Festival workshops!
Left: projects after first bisque fire
Middle: projects after dipping in glaze paints
Right: after firing again
With lights, camera, action, what a great experience it was, thank you to wonderful festival organizers, volunteers, technology crew and 604 Dry Wall who gave me pieces of dry wall to use as placemats!

Squamish School Classes

CLAYTIVITY classes are back in schools this month with a variety of projects for grades kindergarten to grade 6. We are also looking forward to joining a youth craft group by Zoom during the Spring break.

Squamish kindergartners and first graders are learning about their families. What do you know about your family? Do you know how your parents met or who your ancestors are?

I live with my husband and have two adult children. The rest of my family are in England but I didn’t know until recently that I have more distant relatives in Vancouver. When I came to Squamish I discovered I had a cousin here. We met by chance and started chatting – he grew up in a small village in the Yorkshire Dales in England, very close to the childhood home of my grandmother!

COVID policy for school classes

  • Working on CLAYTIVITY project
  • Students proudly holding their projects
  • Working on a project

The purpose of this policy is to help CLAYTIVITY to work safely in schools and other community organizations.

The instructor, Rosemary, will

  • wear a mask, sanitize her hands and sign in at the office on entering the school
  • cancel or reschedule if she is unwell or has been in contact with someone known to have COVID-19
  • sanitize her hands on entry and exit to the classroom and whenever necessary
  • practice social distancing, 6 ft. as far as possible, and or wear a nose and mouth covering
  • use a ‘hands off’ approach as much as possible, however, some students may need a little help with their projects
  • provide quarantined clay, tooth picks and fabric place mats for each class
  • wear a face covering when setting up, and handing out clay, or ask for help from a designated helper

The school will be asked to

  • provide small water containers and a very small amount of water for students to use while working on their projects.

The pottery wheel

for instructor’s demonstration only.