children’s art classes

  • CLAYTIVITY in schools

    February/March special offer for schools in Squamish $150/class of 30 students or less + $5 for each additional student This year we offer a wide choice of projects to including projects from last year and more. CLAYTIVITY gives students a unique 3-dimensional art experience in sculpting and shaping techniques. In one 60-90 minute class, students […]

  • Painting Projects

    Painting Projects

    After bisque firing CLAYTIVITY projects are creamy-white ceramic and ready for painting. You will need Newspaper. Cover surfaces for easy cleanup. Acrylic paints Paint brushes – provide a variety from fine to wide tipped Paint palette or plastic lid Water pot Gold, glitter, marker pens, tooth picks or round ended pin heads to embelish after […]

  • Setting up for a CLAYTIVITY class

    Setting up for a CLAYTIVITY class

    Here is what you need to set up. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it looks! before Add value to the students’ experience with stories, background information or work related to the project. Ask students to come in clothes that don’t mind getting a little clay on them! Forewarn the janitorial staff – the […]

  • I didn’t know cats can ride horses!

    I didn’t know cats can ride horses!

    A clay date Workshop Two imaginative young artists joined me for a clay-date in my ‘back yard’ studio for some part hand-building & part pottery wheel experience. They learned how to make horses and I learned that cats sometimes like to ride or even go to sleep on horses, especially on cold wintry days. They […]