COVID policy for school classes

  • Working on CLAYTIVITY project
  • Students proudly holding their projects
  • Working on a project

The purpose of this policy is to help CLAYTIVITY to work safely in schools and other community organizations.

The instructor, Rosemary, will

  • wear a mask, sanitize her hands and sign in at the office on entering the school
  • cancel or reschedule if she is unwell or has been in contact with someone known to have COVID-19
  • sanitize her hands on entry and exit to the classroom and whenever necessary
  • practice social distancing, 6 ft. as far as possible, and or wear a nose and mouth covering
  • use a ‘hands off’ approach as much as possible, however, some students may need a little help with their projects
  • provide quarantined clay, tooth picks and fabric place mats for each class
  • wear a face covering when setting up, and handing out clay, or ask for help from a designated helper

The school will be asked to

  • provide small water containers and a very small amount of water for students to use while working on their projects.

The pottery wheel

for instructor’s demonstration only.

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