Bringing creative clay experience into Squamish schools and the community

“I love to create, and to me, the ultimate freedom of expression is a blank canvas or a block of clay to capture whatever emotions your imagination gives it.”

Daniel Boulud

Girl working on Project: Sky Dog and She Who Likes Horses
Project work


Claytivity aims to enrich art programs in schools and the community by providing instruction in the art of hand-building with clay.

Every student is an artist

In CLAYTIVITY Classes, every student is an artist. Making a project with clay is a rich and rewarding experience that allows every student to create a unique project using the power of their own imagination. In two or three simple steps, CLAYTIVITY instructors will guide students through the whole process.

Project Picture
Sky Dog and He Who Likes Horses

Choose a project

There are many project ideas to choose from or ask about a custom project related to a particular theme.

Project Picture
Sky Dog and She Who Likes Horses

Learn modelling skills and techniques

CLAYTIVITY instructors teach skills and techniques of modelling through building projects out of clay.

Project Picture
Sky Dog and She Who Likes Horses

Easy to follow step by step instructions

The instructor will demonstrate and give clear instructions for two or three easy to follow steps for building the project.

After each step the students will be given a piece of clay to work with. Students will learn how to shape, mold and mark the clay to make the individual components of their project and how to join the components securely together to make a complete project within a one to two hour class.

Hand building with clay in Sea to Sky Schools

Book CLAYTIVITY now to join your class! Bring the experience of hand building with clay to your students.We provide the clay, tools, and instruction so…

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CLAYTIVITY in schools

February/March special offer for schools in Squamish $150/class of 30 students or less + $5 for each additional student This year we offer a wide…

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Hand building session with CLAYTIVITY

What to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon in November? Get ready for the gift giving season with your own hand built candle holder, plant…

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Squamish School Classes CLAYTIVITY classes are back in schools this month with a variety of projects for grades kindergarten to grade 6. We are also looking forward…

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What happens to projects after they are made?

A CLAYTIVITY project cannot be taken home immediately after it has been made - it has to be dried out and bisque fired in a…

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CLAYTIVITY Studio and business

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I didn’t know cats can ride horses!

A clay date Workshop Two imaginative young artists joined me for a clay-date in my ‘back yard’ studio for some part hand-building & part pottery…

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Ready for firing – Five Fabulous Fantasy Animals

Five Fabulous Fantasy animals handmade in CLAYTIVITY 's unique outdoor studio (my back yard) by Squamish artists aged 4, 7, 8, 21 and 55, were…

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Painting project

Painting Projects

After bisque firing CLAYTIVITY projects are creamy-white ceramic and ready for painting. Hand print projects made by artists 6 moths to 2 yearsinsects on a…

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Working on CLAYTIVITY project

Projects for grades K – 1

Frosty the Snow Man Frosty the Snowman is an all time favourite seasonal first project for young students. Tell the story of Frosty or watch…

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insects on a leaf

3 Easy Projects to Make

Here are three project ideas for first time experience of working with clay and also suitable for young students. For more ideas, contact us.

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projects for mummies and daddies

Projects for groups of Mummies, Daddies, Carers, Babies and Toddlers

Be creative with your baby or toddler with CLAYTIVITY! Invite CLAYTIVITY to join your group and we will guide you through the fun process of…

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Students proudly holding their projects

Story of the Two Headed Serpent and the Chief

"It was a massive two-headed serpent that once roamed through the Squamish territory, its horrible shrieks frightening the people in the village of Stá7mes, Squamish.…

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Fall in Squamish

Projects for the Fall

When everyone has settled into normal classroom routines after those first few ‘back to school’ weeks, why not think about arranging a date with CLAYTIVITY…

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CLAYTIVITY classes are excellent value starting at $150 per class, and project ideas fit in well with any current curriculum area, subject areas, big ideas…

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Setting up for a CLAYTIVITY class

Here is what you need to set up. Don't worry, it’s not as complicated as it looks! before Add value to the students’ experience with…

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Please read our notice for CLAYTIVITY studio users! COVID-19 policy

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Girls Night Out

Girls Night

It's important for our wellbeing and sanity to spend some time with our friends to cheer us up, make us laugh and sometimes comfort us…

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Squamish Wind Festival 2021

crock jarvasemugslidded potcandle holder Join us at the Squamish Wind Festival on August 9th for some fun creating with clay! wind festival workshops

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Squamish Arts Council Wind Festival Workshops

CLAYTIVITY is almost ready to return mugs, vases and cups to their creators, almost 3 weeks after 3 Squamish Arts Council Wind Festival workshops!Left: projects…

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Notice for CLAYTIVITY studio users

Do not enter the studio if you are sick or was in contact with someone who has COVID-19 symptoms within 14 days. Cancel or reschedule.…

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Example of 'my pets' project made in small group class

Project Ideas

There are many project ideas to choose from or ask about a custom project related to a particular idea. SnowmanWonder Woman - artist LaynamushroomIn memory…

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School and Community Classes

CLAYTIVITY is a great activity for children and adults of all ages and abilities. We provide the clay and everything needed for one to two hours of…

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COVID policy for school classes

Students proudly holding their projectsWorking on a projectRaven and the birth of manfinished clay projectsbisque fired projects The purpose of this policy is to help…

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Hand building workshops this fall

October 23, October 24 November 6, November 7 candle holdercrock jar Prepare for the gift giving season – join a claytivity workshop in Rosemary’s garage…

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