Birthday Parties


Invite CLAYTIVITY to your child’s birthday party. Everyone gets to make a complete project out of clay and it is the perfect activity for channeling all that energy into doing something fun, satisfying and creative.


Are you racking your brains, thinking  about how to entertain a high energy group of excited children in your home for a couple of hours on possibly (or more than likely) one of those wet Squampton days without needing to overdose on headache pills afterwards? Hosting a CLAYTIVITY theme party where everyone gets to make a project out of clay might be the perfect answer.

CLAYTIVITY is the perfect activity for channeling that energy into something fun, satisfying and creative. Often the best group atmosphere is created when a children are engaged on a focussed creative activity together. It can be a very sociable time. One of the things we love about our job is seeing the concentration on children’s faces and the undercurrent of conversation as they work on their projects.

More about parties:

  • We provide the clay and everything needed for one to two hours of CLAYTIVITY.
  • We guide everyone through the the process of making a complete project out of clay in two or three steps.
  • Each step is carefully demonstrated, after which everyone gets just the right amount of clay and time to work on that part of their project.
  • We’ll also bring a pottery wheel and give a throwing demonstration.
  • Afterwards, we take the projects away, fire them in our Kiln and return to you within 3 weeks.
  • Then you could invite the group round again to paint them with you or collect to take home and paint!
  • CLAYTIVITY is a great activity for children of any age from 5 years. Younger children (age 5 – 7) may need a little adult help so you may wish to involve grandparents, other adult relatives and friends.

Additional information

Age range

5 – 6, 6 – 7, 7 – 8, 8 – 9, 9 – 10, 10+


Boy, Girl, Boys and Girls


Character Plaque e.g. Mermaid, Dinosaur, Snow Man, Other


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