Make a clay date

From: $20.00

Make a project out of clay or learn to use a potters wheel. Cost is by booking fee plus donation on day of event.



Are you in Squamish? Summer camp’s over?

If you are a small group of children or adults looking for an art activity or end of Summer Vacation interest before going back to school, making an appointment with CLAYTIVITY may be the perfect answer for a stimulating morning, afternoon or evening!

CLAY Dates are great for:

  • one to two families
  • 2-6 children
  • 2-6 adults

Please note..

  • Parking  maybe limited  (maximum of two vehicles)
  • Children 6 years and under must be accompanied by an adult
  • Children 7 or older may be unaccompanied by agreement of parent or guardian with instructor (Rosemary)


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