October is a great time of year for observing mushrooms in and around Squamish.


Unless you are a slug reading this, these colourful ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Toadstools (Fly Agaric) with their popcorn like warts are harmful to eat!

Learn more about this toadstool.


Here are a few other mushrooms we’ve seen in the woods around Squamish.

Follow the links below to learn more about mushrooms:

Amanita muscaria (L.) Pers. – Fly Agaric

A mushroom is merely the reproductive body of a fungus, produced occasionally to release spores into the air. The majority of the fungus lives under the ground as an interconnected network of thread-like filaments called hyphae. A single network, called a mycelium, can cover vast areas under the soil. One mycelium in eastern Oregon was recorded at 2,400 acres in size – equivalent to 1,665 football fields.

Fungi in the soil: mushrooms, mycelia and mycorrhiza

Fairy Ring Mushroom

Oyster Mushroom

The Story of Fairy Rings Has Always Intrigued Me!



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