Every year from fall to spring, salmon can be seen (and smelt) in the channels and rivers of Squamish.
They come to breed and spawn, providing food for wildlife such as bears and bald eagles, and the peoples of Squamish. Salmon have been a staple food for many generations of peoples who have come to make Squamish their home. Squamish First Nations tell stories of how the first salmon came to be. They celebrate the abundance of this rich food supply with the First Salmon Ceremony.
Mature salmon make an epic journey swimming against tides and currents back to the estuary, the river and eventually to the exact same spawning ground from where they hatched. If they lucky enough to reach this final destination, and haven’t been eaten by a bear or bald eagle on the way, they will spawn, giving life to the next generation of salmon in the full circle of life.

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