School Classes

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Invite CLAYTIVITY to join your class. Pick a date, choose a project and we’ll take care of every thing else so you can sit back, relax and observe your students.

  • Everybody gets to be an artist and makes a complete project within 1-2 hours.
  • Classes include expert instruction, pottery wheel demonstration.
  • After the class projects are taken away, dried, fired in a kiln and returned to the class within 3 weeks ready to be painted with the teacher.



Some of the best classroom atmospheres are generated when everyone is focussed on a particular art project.

For students of all ages and abilities, everyboby is an artist. Working with clay is a rewarding and satisfying experience, and can help develop many skills such as use of the imagination, creativity and fine motor skills as well as improve self esteem, concentration and social skills.

For teachers, classes can easily by contacting us and we take care of everything else: the instruction, materials, tools and processing of the clay projects afterwards so the teacher is free to relax, take a back seat and observe their students at work!

We have many project ideas to choose from and they are designed specifically with the BC curriculum in mind. In addition, new projects are continually being developed to support new learning themes and classroom activities, and we are always open to new ideas and suggestions.

Contact us to discuss project ideas or for help in choosing a project.


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