Notice for CLAYTIVITY studio users

Please do not enter the studio if you had COVID-19 symptoms within 14 days. Cancel or reschedule.

Wash your hands before and after using the studio. There is a hand washing station with clean water, soap and cloths for individual use.

Please keep 6 ft apart from each other.

Avoid touching other users’ clay, water and tools.

Clean and sanitize any shared tools before handing over to someone else.

Before leaving the studio, dump unused or leftover clay in the used-clay container and your ‘clay-water’ into the bucket.

We will cancel the session if the instructor was symptomatic within 14 days.

We will limit the number of studio users to allow 6 feet between each person, or group from the same household.

If possible we may work outside but if inside, we will open doors to increase air flow and use a fan if necessary.

Each studio user will have their own work area, work mat, seat, water, and clay.

One person (Rosemary) will hand out tools, set up work areas, divide and distribute clay. This person will wash their hands before and wear a mask.

If you use the bathroom, disinfect flushing handle and door handles between bathroom and studio. There will be: disinfectant wipes or spray bottles; hand drying cloths for personal use, after use, toss into the box provided.

Please bring an apron.

  • Use of pottery wheel

Please do not touch clay and equipment while some one else is using the wheel.

Use your own water and container. After use, empty into the large clay-water bucket.

Before you begin, please tie back hair and remove scarves, wrist watch etc.

Turn off the electrical switch before cleaning.

After use, sanitize the wheel head and speed control switch (if the wheel has one) with sanitizing spray or wipes.

  • Between studio days

Between studio days, we will:

  • clean the tools, equipment, and work surfaces and mop the floor;  
    • wear splash proof eye nose and mouth protection, whilst disposing or processing used water;
    • dry out the clay before reconditioning;
    • quarantine the clay for atleast 7 days.

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