Story of the Two Headed Serpent and the Chief

Students proudly holding their projects

“It was a massive two-headed serpent that once roamed through the Squamish territory, its horrible shrieks frightening the people in the village of Stá7mes, Squamish. Xwechtáal, a young warrior, was tasked with killing the serpent. He pursued it up Siyám Smánit where it left a striking black streak, now known as the Black Dyke. For four years, Xwechtáal pursued the serpent until he was able to slay it as it rested in a lake.”

Author: Rebecca Duncan

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Project Ideas

Example of 'my pets' project made in small group class

There are many project ideas to choose from or ask about a custom project related to a particular idea.


CLAYTIVITY classes are excellent value starting at $150 per class, and project ideas fit in well with any current curriculum area, subject areas, big ideas or learning theme a teacher may wish to support.

What happens in a CLAYTIVITY class?

Classes begin with a 10 – 15 minute presentation

  • Project idea introduced
  • Talk about a few facts about clay
  • Demonstration of the magic of throwing on a potter’s wheel

Each student makes their own project during a 60 – 90 minute class

  • Instructor gives 2-3 detailed easy to follow step by step instructions
  • Students work on their own project after each step
  • Clay and all materials supplied by %1\$s

After the class

  • Projects taken away, dried out and bisque fired by CLAYTIVITY
  • Projects returned to the classroom within three weeks
  • Students can paint their bisque fired projects with their teacher