Girls Night

Girls Night Out

It’s important for our wellbeing and sanity to spend some time with our friends to cheer us up, make us laugh and sometimes comfort us when we are down.

But taking a break from the relentless demands of life often requires a bit of artful planning!
You will need to find a day, invite your friends over, organize the drinks and treats but we’ll take care of everything else!

take a break
take a break
invite your friends over
invite your friends over

We’ll provide the clay and everything you will need for CLAYTIVITY, walk you through the process of making a complete project out of clay step by step, within 1 – 2 hours.
candle holder
candle holder
we'll walk you through the process of making a complete project out of clay
we’ll walk you through the process of making a complete project out of clay

We’ll also bring a portable pottery wheel and give a throwing demonstration and if you like you can try it out for yourselves.
you can invite your friends round again
you can invite your friends round again
paint and take them home!
paint and take them home!

And afterwards, we’ll take the projects away, fire them in our Kiln and return to you within 3 weeks.
Then you can invite your friends round again to paint and take them home!

Projects for groups of Mummies, Daddies, Carers, Babies and Toddlers

projects for mummies and daddies
demonstration using a potters wheel

Be creative with your baby or toddler with CLAYTIVITY! Invite CLAYTIVITY to join your group and we will guide you through the fun process of making a complete project with step by step instructions working side by side with your little one/s.

making a cup

Also, we will include a demonstration of pottery throwing on a potter’s wheel.

ready to begin a project

Either help your child or let them help you. It is not unusual for young children to have short attention spans (!) and not every little one takes to clay like goslings to water. But that’s OK, there is no pressure to make anyone get more involved than they feel comfortable with. Whether it’s handling little bits of clay, making small decorations or having their hand or foot pressed into the clay, it’s all about enjoying the moment with family and friends and making our first experience of working with clay a good one.

finished the work now CLAYTIVITY will do the rest

Let your toddler help you (or help them) flatten the clay or roll a piece of clay into a coil to make one of these projects, handle some small pieces of clay to make a few small decorations and ‘glue’ them on to the project by making them all shiny and wet with a finger of water.

thumb nail of pdf link
CLAYTIVITY Projects for groups of mums, dads, carers, babies and toddlers

Story of the Two Headed Serpent and the Chief

Students proudly holding their projects

“It was a massive two-headed serpent that once roamed through the Squamish territory, its horrible shrieks frightening the people in the village of Stá7mes, Squamish. Xwechtáal, a young warrior, was tasked with killing the serpent. He pursued it up Siyám Smánit where it left a striking black streak, now known as the Black Dyke. For four years, Xwechtáal pursued the serpent until he was able to slay it as it rested in a lake.”

Author: Rebecca Duncan

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Project Ideas

Example of 'my pets' project made in small group class

There are many project ideas to choose from or ask about a custom project related to a particular idea.