Make this traditionally dressed Peruvian – boy or girl.

Add a poncho or alpaca jacket to keep your Peruvian warm – the high plateau of the Andean Mountains can be very cold. Alpacas are indigenous and important to Peruvian culture.

Quinoa, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, beans avocados and black olives grow well in Peru. Your Peruvian could be carrying a baby on her back while picking corn.

Add a colourful polleras (skirt) and chumpi (belt). Peruvians used natural materials and plants to make a variety of dyes.

Make a sombrero – a wide brimmed straw hat to protect your Peruvian from the fierce sun.

Is your Peruvian holding a lamb or baby alpaca? Or are they playing a charango – type of string instrument or a flute? Huayno is a traditional type of folk music.


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