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  • Frog


    Frog, toad or similar amphibian. Students will learn to make and modify a pinch pot.

  • Insects on a leaf

    Insects on a leaf

    Add a few insects and bugs, lady bugs, bees, butterflies, worms, slugs, dragon flies, eggs, earwigs etc to a leaf. A great project for Earth Day after observing life close up in the garden, by a pond or in the woods. Summer is the time for seeing large numbers of many of these in the […]

  • Small Pets

    Small Pets

    Make your small pet or a small furry animal such as a gerbil, mouse, rat, squirrel or hamster.  If you wish you have the option of adding a pen or toothbrush holder. For a Squamish theme choose a small animal such as a squirrel or mouse that you may find in the forest or a […]

  • Fish


    This fish project could be a specific fish such as a salmon, trout, steel head etc or fantasy fish just for fun. watch the episode