First Nations

  • Haida Mask

    Haida Mask

    The Haida West Coast Nation from Haida Gwaii carved masks from cedar or alder wood and wore them at secret society ceremonies and potlach dances. A mask could represent spirits of the woods or tell a story. Perhaps a blue-green grimacing face is someone who just escaped drowning. Follow the links below for more information:…

  • Eagles


    Make a pair of bald headed eagles. This project can be adapted to be a different bird of choice such as a toucan, blue bird, jay or raven.

  • Salmon


    Every year from fall to spring, salmon can be seen (and smelt) in the channels and rivers of Squamish. They come to breed and spawn, providing food for wildlife such as bears and bald eagles, and the peoples of Squamish. Salmon have been a staple food for many generations of peoples who have come to…