Plant Pot

Are you ready for Spring? Make a plant pot, and brighten your room whilst watching a few seeds grow!

Glaze colours are available in coffee cream, antique blue, deep blue and fern green. CLAYTIVITY will glaze and fire for you!

Insects on a leaf

Add a few insects and bugs, lady bugs, bees, butterflies, worms, slugs, dragon flies, eggs, earwigs etc to a leaf. A great project for Earth Day after observing life close up in the garden, by a pond or in the woods.
Summer is the time for seeing large numbers of many of these in the garden, some friends like the lady bug and some pests like the earwig and slug.
How do we face the challenge of these tiny but big crop destroyers without harming our planet?



Celebrate Squamish wetlands!

Make a  wetland scene featuring two or three wetland animals of choice such as ducks, a beaver,  frog.

Ducks – wetlands