Grade 3/Grade 4

  • Bear


    Make a bear or any four legged animal.

  • Peruvian boy or girl

    Peruvian boy or girl

    Make this traditionally dressed Peruvian – boy or girl. Add a poncho or alpaca jacket to keep your Peruvian warm – the high plateau of the Andean Mountains can be very cold. Alpacas are indigenous and important to Peruvian culture. Quinoa, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, beans avocados and black olives grow well in Peru. Your Peruvian…

  • Mink


    Thank you to the students of Garibaldi Elementary School for providing this information about the American Mink! The American Mink can be up to 68.7 cm in body length and lives in B.C.. They are brown coloured with white markings on the ventral side (belly), chin, throat, chest and groin areas, and have short ears…

  • South American boy or girl

    South American boy or girl

    Make this traditional