Grade 4/Grade 5

  • Peruvian boy or girl

    Peruvian boy or girl

    Make this traditionally dressed Peruvian – boy or girl. Add a poncho or alpaca jacket to keep your Peruvian warm – the high plateau of the Andean Mountains can be very cold. Alpacas are indigenous and important to Peruvian culture. Quinoa, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, beans avocados and black olives grow well in Peru. Your Peruvian…

  • Haida Mask

    Haida Mask

    The Haida West Coast Nation from Haida Gwaii carved masks from cedar or alder wood and wore them at secret society ceremonies and potlach dances. A mask could represent spirits of the woods or tell a story. Perhaps a blue-green grimacing face is someone who just escaped drowning. Follow the links below for more information:…

  • Voyageur


    From the 1680s to 1870s  there was a big demand  in Europe  for furs and other goods from indigenous Canadian communities, and these were supplied by trading companies such as the Hudson Bay Company.  Voyageurs working for these companies, were mainly French Canadian. They travelled along waterways such as the Great Lakes and Hudson Bay,…