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My Family Project

Family members (and pets) are having their picture taken and everyone is smiling for the camera!



These reptiles lived on our planet during the Triassic and Jurassic periods of earth’s history, from about 243 to 231 million years ago. Dinosaurs became extinct a long time ago and one explanation is that the earth became much cooler, during the ice age. Another explanation is that the earth was hit by a massive asteroid.

There were a huge a variety of these ‘terrible lizards’. Some were herbivorous or plant eaters, like the diplodocus. The diplodocus was the longest dinosaur with a very long neck and tail. It’s powerful tail could whip around and fight any creature that dared to come near!  Others were carnivorous or meat eaters like the tyrannosaurus, which walked on two legs and could run very fast. Unlike the tyrannosaurus, the Pterodactyl was an avian dinosaur had wings and flew. Avian dinosaurs may have been the ancestors of birds.

The diplodocus and tyrannosaurus were huge, but the heaviest known dinosaur was the titanosaur, which weighed about 69 tons,  more than 4 semi-trucks put together! Not all dinosaurs were massive. The epidexipteryx was only 25 cm long, about the size of a small puppy!

Have fun learning about dinosaurs and making this project!