CLAYTIVITY’S 2021 special offer for Squamish school classes

Recommended projects:

Kindergarten/grade 1  – My family  or dinosaur
Grade 1/Grade 2  – Coil Pot or Inukshuk
Grade 2/Grade 3 – Insects on a leaf or Unicorn
Grade 3/Grade 4  – Canadian Mammals or Peruvian girl or boy
Grade 4/Grade 5 – West Coast Mask or Voyageur
Grade 5/Grade 6 – Chinese Dragon  or Tipi

Mother’s Day Projects

Candle Holder

Candle Holder

This candle holder makes a great gift for Mother’s Day!

Picture Frame

Picture frame

An all-time favorite project for Mother’s Day. Decorate with flowers, hearts, rainbows, happy faces or anything that will make Mum smile. To finish paint in Mum’s favorite colors and add a self portrait.

Sky dog and he/she who likes horses

Over the years, horses have stood by our sides, helped us in our plights, facilitated our goals, and offered us a kind of mobility we would have otherwise never known without their graceful countenance.

Symbolic Meainings Blog by Avia Venefica

“Sky dog and he who likes horses” tells the story of the first encounter of the Native American Blackfoot Nation with horses. Horses became an integral part of their nomadic way of life on the vast plains.
Sky Dogs: Jane Yolen, Barry Moser

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