As the most important food staple, salmon had esteemed respect within Squamish culture. At a yearly springtime Thanksgiving Ceremony or First Salmon Ceremony, specially prepared fish was made for community gatherings.

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Beginning at the foot of the Pemberton Ice Field and draining the complex basins of the coastal mountains, the Squamish River flows 80 km, eventually draining into the salt water of Howe Sound. On its way, it is fed by several more glacier sourced tributaries, Including the Elaho, Ashlu, Cheakamus and Mamquam rivers, each with their own unique ecosystem. Small creeks  provide calm gravel beds where salmon spawn and young salmonids are raised and supports 4 species of pacific salmon as well as several  species of trout, steel head, and bald eagles.

This project can also be related to learning themes such as ecosystems, Salmon life cycle, Squamish rivers, water ways, or Squamish estuary. Project can also be any type of fish of choice. Similar project idea is the shark.

Level of difficulty:  grade 4 and above.

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