Raven and the birth of man

project picture of Raven and the birth of man

Raven was wandering on the beach, when he heard some noise coming from
a clam shell. He looked more closely and saw that it was full of little human
They were terrified by the Raven and the big world outside the shell.
“So, the Raven leaned his great head close to the shell, and with the smooth trickster’s tongue, that
had got him into and out of so many misadventures, in his troubled and troublesome existence, he
coaxed and cajoled and coerced the little creatures to come out and play in his wonderful, shiny, new

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This project is based on a story told by the Haida people of how the first
people emerged from a clam shell on Rose Spit and sculpture by Haida
Artist, Bill Reid from Queen Charlotte Island.