Projects for grades K – 1

Frosty the Snow Man


Frosty the Snowman is an all time favourite seasonal first project for young students. Tell the story of Frosty or watch the movie.
Students will learn all the basic skills of working with clay: rolling into a ball, coils, and flattening into a base, and there is plenty of scope for using the artist’s imagination.
This is a great project for introducing solid shapes: sphere for the snowman body parts, cone shape for Frosty’s hat, and a cube for the gift box.
Add a candle holder to make a special holiday gift.



This dinosaur can be modified to be a tyrannosaurus, allosaurus, ankylosaurus, brontosaurus or any other kind of dinosaur. Let the artist decide!

A favourite project with young students that fits in well with prehistoric studies.

Picture Frame

Picture frame
Picture frame

This makes a wonderful gift for the Winter holidays, Mother’s or Father’s Day. Add decorations and a special message for Mum to this cute picture frame.
Make a round, square, oval or heart shaped window to show off a self portrait.
To finish, paint and don’t forget to add the picture or photograph.
Similar project ideas:

  • Christmas Tree Decorations
  • Make a special decoration to hang on the Christmas tree
  • Make an initial plaque – show off those letter learning skills!

Coil pots

Coil Pot
Coil Pot

Learn how to make a traditional coil pot.

The coil pot can be adapted to make a trophy for Father’s Day or a special Mother’s Day gift.

This project has been well tested on many classes of young artists!

My family

My Family Project

Family members (and pets) are having their picture taken and everyone is smiling for the camera. A hole allows the picture to be hung on the wall. A popular project from grade K to 3 and fits in well with theme of identity and belonging.

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