Picture of Student working on project

Projects for

students grade k-6

Projects for grades 1-2

  • Insects on a leaf

    Insects on a leaf

    Lady bugs, bees, butterflies, worms, slugs, dragon flies, eggs, earwigs on a leaf. A great project for Earth Day. Look for these in the garden, by a pond or in the woods.

  • Frog Prince

    Frog Prince

  • Frog


Projects for grades 2-3

  • Unicorn


  • Beaver


  • 4 legged animal

    4 legged animal

Projects for grades 3-4

  • Mushrooms


  • Wetlands


  • Peruvian


    Make this traditionally dressed Peruvian – boy or girl.

Projects for grades 4-5

  • Bald Eagle

    Bald Eagle

  • Haida Mask

    Haida Mask

  • Canoe People

    Canoe People

Projects for grades 5-6

  • Greek Urn

    Greek Urn

    The Greeks made functional and practical urns for everyday use – storing food, drink, and other commodities, and more elaborately decorated urns – such as gifts for their gods or for funeral use such as holding crematorium ashes.

  • Tipi


    This is a two piece project The tipi fits over the base. Lift the tipi up to see what is inside – a fire, animal skins, cooking pots, baskets etc. Add detail to the tipi such as the door, a flap to let out the smoke, and decorate with traditional family designs.

  • Dragon


Projects for older students and adults

  • candle holder

    candle holder

  • Soap dish

    Soap dish

  • pinch-pot bowls

    pinch-pot bowls