Story of the Chief – Two Headed Serpent, Sinulka and Brave Warrior

Sínulhka was a massive two-headed serpent that once roamed through the Squamish territory, its horrible shrieks frightening the people in the village of Stá7mes, Squamish. Xwechtáal, a young warrior, was tasked with killing the serpent. He pursued it up Siyám Smánit where it left a striking black streak, now known as the Black Dyke. For four years, Xwechtáal pursued the serpent until he was able to slay it as it rested in a lake.

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This would be a greaT you are studying local history or the geography of the Chief or exploring ideas such as:

  • How Squamish got it’s name.
  • Local history of Squamish and its people.
  • Cultural, symbolic, personal, geological
    Significance of this huge piece of granite
    monalithic rock.
  • What is special about the Chief.