As a child I often fell asleep while my grandmother told me a story or sang a song. Thinking of these legends brings back the old days so vividly. People should imagine themselves in a tipi, with the firelight throwing light and shadow on the eager lightening faces. The fire seemed to sympathise and keep pace with the We had only these legends and stories in place of your science and literature.
_Bright Eyes (Susette LaFlesche), Omaha

Extract from “Children of the Tipi Life in the Buffalo Days” by Michael Oren Fitzgerald.

A two piece project – make the tipi and the ground on which the tipi stands. The two pieces are separate so you can lift the tipi up to see what is inside. A fire, animal skins, cooking pots, baskets? Add detail to the tipi such as the door, a flap to let out the smoke, markings and illustrations.

This project will bring studies of North American Plains Culture to life.