The nomadic indigenous peoples of the North American plains lived in tipis, and followed the Buffalos across the plains lands which sustained them and the Buffalos that grazed on the prairie grasses. Teams of dogs, or horses helped transport their tipis and belongings.
The tipis were constructed from wooden poles.
Bison hides, sewn together made a strong, protective covering, connecting earth to Sky, and the Father and provided a nurturing shelter over the Mother Earth.
They decorated these with Quill work drawings and designs which were passed down from one generation to the next. Inside buffalo skins, covering the ground, and an open fire provided comfort and warmth. Woven baskets were filled with bannock bread cooked on the fire.
The tipis arranged in a circle in a special order, faced the rising sun and smoke rose upward from the fires inside the tipis, through chimney like flaps in the coverings.
The tipi peoples met together to talk about important matters. They were thankful for many things and demonstrated their gratitude with Sun dances and other ceremonies.