Wheel Throwing

Experienced potters make wheel throwing look easy and effortless but it takes time, practice and perseverance to become skilled. Even expert potters are continually learning and improving. That’s the lure of the trade.

For beginners, we recommend seeking lots of help from an experienced potter, especially on your first experience. YouTube and other videos are also helpful. Stay optimistic and stick with it and consider joining a supportive clay community such as your local potters guild, studio or online group. (for Sea-to-Sky potters see our resources page).

But the best teacher is the Clay itself. Too much pressure (ouch!) or too little, too fast or too slow, too wet or too dry – it will let you know – and each clay body from course earthenware to fine porcelain has its own personality and sensitivity!

Remember, failed pots are part of the experience, and Imperfections part of the charm, often for experienced potters too.